At Collective Modalities we understand there many methods to finding Spiritual, Emotional and Physical healing. We also believe there are many benefits to engaging multiple methods of healing at one time.
So we’ve come together to offer you several modalities including Psychic Medium Readings, Energy Healing, Reiki and Essential Oils.
Our desire for you is that you find a healer with whom you have a connection and you let the healing begin.

Our Services

Psychic Medium Reading

Energy Healing & Reiki

Essential Oil & Aromatherapy

~or choose our R & R Package~
Receive a Reading & Reiki on the same day

Meet Our Team

                      Debbi Kuryn

Debbi Kuryn

Founder & Psychic Medium

                      Charlene Smart

Charlene Smart

Founder & Energy Healer

        We have come together with the same goal in mind, to help you find healing & comfort. We know you have many choices available to you from many different alternative healing professionals and we feel so blessed you have been drawn to us.

        Whether you chose to work with us or another professional, we hope you find someone whom you connect to. This is of the utmost importance, in order to recieve the full benifit of your selected service or services. You will want your energy and that of your healers to work symbiotically.