Do you make Resolutions?

5 Days into the New Year & I’ve been think about Resolutions. I myself no longer partake in this custom, because I felt as if I was setting myself up for failure. Please don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important to decide to better yourself or your life, but when make a choice to do so simply because its “What You Do this time of year” most of us fall short. We are making the choice to change based false need instead of real desire. 

The Challenge

So my challenge to you this year, whether or not you’re following through with your resolutions or your like me and never made any is to resolve to spend a few minutes every day not looking at your life and that you think needs to be fixed, but spend a few minutes imagining how you would like your life to be. See yourself being accepted to the college program your longing to be in, see yourself smiling and happy, see yourself sleeping through the night and waking up refreshed. Take those areas in your life that you struggle with and imagine them they way you want them to be. 

Please don’t be discouraged or even choose not to partake in this challenge because your reality doesn’t reflect your imagination. By spending a few moments every day you will begin building a path of positive wants, desires and dreams. 

We are so quick to focus on the negative and just like driving a car; where you look is where you go, so to is our negative thoughts. Negative thoughts create negative thoughts which simply creates more negative. 

How will I know it worked?

Looking for a deeper challenge? Write down your positive imagination of every area you are working on, then give it time and revisit your list to see where the changes are showing up!

I wish each of you the very happiest new year, filled with love, light and positivity all year through. 

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