Essential Oils

Have you ever wondered how Essentail Oils can help you?

Adding Essential Oils to your home and daily routine can increase your overall Physical, Emotional and Spiritual wellbeing.


Our physical health encompasses every inch of our bodies, both inside and out. From our skeletal structure to our muscular system, from our digestive system to nervous system. It’s safe to say we have a lot of area that may need tending from time to time.

The great news?
Essential Oils can help!

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Did you know the simple action of smelling certain Essential Oils can have a major effect on your emotional state? Believe it or not, it can! I have personally watched an extremely agitated person on the edge of hysteria, breathe in a particular oil blend and begin to calm down in just a matter of moments.

The benefits don’t stop there, the possibilities are endless.

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The benefits of Essential Oils extend to our spiritual side of life. Whether being used during Yoga, Meditation or simply daily living. Oils can assist with a wide range of help from grounding to cleansing & purifying to helping with enlightenment & expressing gratitude.

The list doesn’t stop there.
What is your soul calling for?

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Yep! Essential Oils can run the full spectrum in our lives

Our family was introduced to Essential Oils very gently, we were simply provided with a sample of Wild Orange and Peppermint. When our advocate instructed us to place a drop in our hands and try them, I was blown away at how potent they seemed. Right away we could feel the invigoration the Peppermint gave us and the Wild Orange sure smelled wonderful, but I wasn’t exactly sure how they could physically help us. If I am being honest, my husband was struggling with pain and some anxiety and I wasn’t sure how Peppermint and Orange was going to fix or even help with that. Later that night my husband mentioned he felt relaxed and decided to continue to try the oils, which only made me excited about the possibilities.

Now my husband is willing to try most things, but he’ll usually only give it only 2 days to meet his expectations then stops using them. Before we began this journey I mentioned that to our advocate and she chuckled, but was content to have him try them for as long as he was willing. Along with the Wild Orange & Peppermint, our advocate had provided us with a sample of a blend of several oils she had mixed herself. This blend was specifically for my husband, to help with the residual effects from a work related accident.

Can you believe it? It took a total of a 24 hours for him to decide they worked! However, after a week of using them he decided it was probably the placebo and stopped using the oils.

Only 3 days later he was desperately asking for the oil and the rest as they say, is history! 

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 My Beginning

          I had heard of doTERRA multipul times from both friends and acquaintances. They’d say something like “hey, I am putting in an order, let me know if you want anything” or “I sell oils, if you want to buy them let me know.”


         Do you see what happened there? Each time I was asked if I wanted to buy them, but never given an explanation of what they were or how they could actually benefit myslef or my family. How could I buy something I didn’t know anything about or even how to use them?

           Thankfully, I was finally approached by an amazing Essential Oil advocate who not only “sold oils”, but immersed herself into fully understanding them and was able to share her knowledge with me. She asked me what ailed us, then she found options for us to try, shared recipes with me and if there was a question she couldn’t answer…she found the answer for me!

After seeing the transformation that over took my household, I knew I wanted to be just like her, someone who says…”tell me what ails you” and know that I could help. So I jumped in with both feet, soaked up as much knowledge as I could and began sharing it with all who I thought I could help!

I call myself a full service advocate, because I do not just want to sell you oil, I want to help you live an amazing life!

The world of Essential Oils is waiting to be explored!

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