Spiritual Benefits of Essential Oils

You’ve seen how Essential Oils can help your body and you mind, now it’s time to take a closer look into how you can uses Essential Oils Spiritually.

Consider your daily routine including
Yoga, Prayer, Meditation,
Balancing Chakras
and so much more!

Using Essential Oils is as simple as choosing an oil with the specific properties you’d like to see or feel. The great thing about Essential Oils is that the possibilities are endless and the choices are abundant. Here are a few ideas, but please know there are other options available. Feel free to reach out to me for a more in depth look!

Yoga, Meditation & Prayer

Frankincense: Brings grounding, peace & calm while stimulating & elevating the mind to help you connect with your spiritual/higher self

Ylang-Ylang: Reduces tension in the body while improving flexibility

Lavender: Calms, relaxes and evokes positive feelings of self-awareness

Clary Sage: Increases inner peace

Sandalwood: cleansing and can help breakup negative thoughts

Balance proprietary blend: Grounds and connects you 

Balancing Chakra: We will start at the bottom and work our way to the top. Again there are many choices, you will want to choose an oil for the specific result your wishing for. Here are just a few.

1st Root:
doTERRA Balance – Grounding
Frankincense – Grounding, Centering & Calming 

2nd Sacral:
doTERRA Elevation – Uplifting & Cheerful
Wild Orange – Feelings of Joy 

3rd Solar Plexus:
Ylang-Ylang –  Uplifting & Inspiring
Vetiver – Connecting with Higher Self
Melaleuca – Energetic Boundaries

4th Heart:
Bergamont – Self Acceptance
Jasmine – Inspire Trust
doTERRA Forgive – Achieve Forgiveness or Letting Go

5th Throat:
Rosemary – Encourages Verbal Expression
Spearmint – Enhances Clear Communication

6th Third Eye:
Lavender – Calm the Spirit
Frankincense – Quiets Mental Chatter
Jasmine – Enhances Intuitiveness

7th Crown:
Frankincense – Helps Connect with the Divine
Sandalwood – Quiets Mental Chatter & Grounds

Explore the Oils

The world of Essential Oils is waiting to be explored!


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