My Life is Out of Control

Do you ever feel like your world is crumbling around you? Your life is out of control? Like everything is out of step? Yep, me too! Don’t sweat it, you’re in a judge free zone here. 

We all deal with this from time to time, but what makes it worse is just when you feel like you have the craziness controlled and things are going well, BAM you are forced to face the realization, it was only a dream. NOooo! Wait! Why? Holy CRAP, how can this be happening again? It’s in moments like these I feel so helpless and overwhelmed. 

You know these defeated moments, right now just thinking about them you can feel your chest tighten, you stomach clench and heaviness of the situation settle over you…and we’re not even talking about your stuff! 

So what can be done when your world is crumbling around you?

We can choose to wallow in the fact that your life is out of control. Allow this situation or more to the point, all of the situations to control every moment of the day. Yea, so I spent about 5 hours today doing just this. The weight on my chest kept me from actually taking a deep breath and I couldn’t think straight. I was working, then sudden realized my fingers were moving along the keyboard, but my brain was turning and pulling the situation as my imagination continued to blow it up into a huge gigantic monster that I wasn’t able to escape. In that moment I realized I was choosing to continue to hold onto this monster and let it control every moment of my day. 

Well, now I could see what the problem was, but I was stuck, what do I do? Another moment of panic washed over me, you know the saying fear causes fight or flight? They really should add or struck dumb immobility! Yep, I sat there not moving, not thinking, not helping myself. I mean what’s wrong with me! If I was standing in the middle of the street and a car was coming straight for me going 80, I would have tasted pavement. Holy Hannah! Why am I like this? Honestly I ask the question, but have no response, so we’ll move on. 

Finally, my thoughts began to clear

I could see the first step. Take a deep breath Char! Go ahead let’s take one together right now. Phew, that feels better, right? By increasing our oxygen supply we are providing our cells with energy and releasing carbon dioxide. According to the American Institute of Stress online “Deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen to your brain and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes a state of calmness.” Visit to read more. 

Wow I was much clearer, I could think and breath and the monster staring at me began to get smaller. I was also able to put things in perspective, was my whole life really crashing around me? No, I could see the areas which were causing the stress, but I could also see I still had a handle on most things. As humans I believe we have a threshold to how much we can handle, when we perceive we’ve reached that point we are unable to see beyond it, “My Whole Life is Falling Apart”. It’s also a fact that our brains are an amazing piece of technology, it can take something the size of an ant and increase the size to that of an elephant. It’s great when we think of good things, but horrible when they’re not so good. 

What Else?

Once I gain control of mind and can think clearly, I always reach for Essential Oils. Honestly, Balance from doTERRA helps me feel grounded in the moment and helps quite my brain by bringing me back into my body, it’s a great go to oil for stress. However, there are so many options available. To find out more click here or feel free to reach out to me any time. 

Meditation is also a great pre-stress stress reliever. My adding meditation to your daily routine you can help reduce stress before it becomes overwhelming. 

Reiki is a great way to center yourself and become balanced. It does wonders on stress and tension. For more information please reach out to me or click here

Once you gain control over the stress monster you will want to remember what we focus on we grow. So look beyond the things that are causing stress, remember our lives are full of blessings and goodness, and hold onto them.

So glad you joined me today in this judge free zone. May your days be filled with love & light. Always remember, you are never alone!