Reiki & Energy Healing

with Charlene

What is Healing Light?

          For me Healing Light is the Universal Energy given to us by the Creator of all Living Things, the Divine, God.

          Though He goes by many names in many different cultures, He above all heals us, protects us and fills us with His loving light.

          I am simply a vessel used to direct His Healing Light as you allow it to wash over and through you for your body, mind and your soul.

Please let me introduce myself

          My name is Charlene Smart and for as long as I can remember, I wanted nothing more than to help every person I came in contact with! Whether I was walking down the aisle at the grocery store, or we had history together. I had a burning desire to wrap those around me in love, to wash away their burdens, pain and scars.

          They call me a “hugger” and they are right…I love to give hugs, always have, but it took years into adulthood to really understand the full depth of my obsessive need to hug. I now understand that when I am giving a hug, it’s not just a hug. It’s an all-inclusive, all healing, all loving hug. When I wrap my arms around you I surround you with loving light, healing light, and a light that is meant to help lift the weight of your burdens. This type of hug, which at its most basic level is simply energy transfer and movement, is as natural to me as breathing. I believe it is what I am on this earth to do, I am an energy worker/healer. Oh, but don’t worry, I won’t hug you during our session, unless you want me to!  

          My desire to help and heal those around me has driven me to expand my alternative healing knowledge and techniques so that I may offer a range of help, beyond just giving out hugs. I currently work in the field of Reiki Energy Healing as well as Essential Oils and aromatherapy.

          Speaking of Essential Oils I must say that although I’d heard about them throughout my adult life, I was never drawn to them with a feeling that they could change my life. Then, they popped up again, brought to me by an amazing advocate who not only showed me the ins and outs of Essential Oils, but provided me with all the knowledge I needed to really see the possible benefit they would bring to myself and my family.

          So out on a limb we went and to my surprise I watched our lives change right before my eyes! For more on how Essential Oils changed our lives and how they can help yours visit our Essential Oil page by clicking here

My Services

Reiki ~ Energy Healing

In person $50.00

Distance $50.00
Don’t let the miles we are apart hold you back from scheduling. If we can’t meet in person we will meet via phone/video call before and after our session.

Essential Oil Consultation

In person or distance

 No Charge

Reiki & Reading Package


Debbie & I offer an hour and a half combined Reiki & Reading session for those who would like to enjoy both. You may choose the order you receive your session or you may choose to have your Reading while you receive Reiki.


I can always be reached by email


Reach out to me anytime via Facebook Messenger


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