When the Lord speaks do you listen? I always hope that I am listening, but the question arises, what should I be listening for? Is it a deep commanding voice that directs me in no uncertain terms? Or a voice that says “I am God…listen to me!”? 

What about the voice in our head that we think is simply a thought, is it God?

Tonight I unintentionally put that question to the test.

Yesterday I received a text message from a friend letting me know that she thinks of me every day when she applies the Essential Oil Blend I made her. She went on to say that for many days she’s wanted to tell me that it’s working and to thank me, but for this reason or that she has not followed through with it. So on this day she made it a point to let me know.

Well you know how it goes when you’re driving and a text comes in…you have every intention of getting back to your loved one, but can’t. So a message was verbally passed to her that I got her text and I loved her very much, so all’s good and I didn’t think of it again.

The next night at 8:20pm her time I have this flash in my mind that I never texted her back and the thought that I should do it RIGHT NOW! The telephone convo from the day before comes to mind, but I still think to myself “You should let her know you love her and your glad the oil is working”.

Such a mundane reason right?

The text that I received back shocked me. As my text came through to her an earthquake was hitting California and she was watching a pool being emptied of its water due to the quake. She wanted to know how I knew to contact her at that exact moment. I replied God!, which a chuckle. She went on to say that she was glad she was hearing from me during the quake as I gave her a calming feeling.

So here is what I learned this week:

  1. God speaks to us in many ways.
  2. It’s not always about us! God speaks to us when someone else is in need.
  3. Don’t wait for the Movie version of God’s voice to take action.
  4. Be willing to be His vessel of Light and Love.